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Libretto: Peter Greenaway
Direction: Saskia Boddeke
Music: Andrea Liberovici

Where: Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Villa Croce
Opening: November, 3rd 2005 Genoa
Duration: 1h
Production: teatrodelsuono- crt Artificio, Milan

characters and performers
Joseph Smith: Roger Smeets
Eva: Csilla Lakatos
Isaac Newton: Vincent de Rooij
Madame Curie: Sara Cianfriglia
Albert Einstein: Fabrizio Matteini
Robert Oppenheimer: Boris Vecchio
Nikita Krushev: Abi Kitzl
Michail Gorbachov: Adriano Iurissevich
George Bush: Roel Goudsmit

Annette Mosk

Marrit van der Burgt

A. J. Weissbard

The idea is a multimedia show in which the table of elements is the guiding thread and narrative voice in a performance that combines theater, music and video. Liberovici says “working on this project confirms the belief that there is no real difference between composing images and composing music.”
di IRENE BIGNARDI da La Repubblica, 17.10.2005


Greenaway chose not only fathers, “because it is the children that matter” and the Children of Uranium are all of us, starting with those born after Hiroshima and Chernobyl, explains the director of the show, the Dutch Saskia Boddeke who, with Andrea Liberovici, creator of the amazing electronic and acoustic music (melodrama flash and musical), curated the show.
di CLAUDIA PROVVEDINI da Il Corriere della Sera, 03.11.2005


It is a complete work of art that has transformed the villa overlooking the sea into an aesthetic organism in which the public creates its own experience. One can wander, sit, touch actors, dancers and things, across the eight rooms where the children of uranium live.
di MICHELA BOMPANI da La Repubblica 03.11.2005