Work in regress. An assembly line of montages

short movie
by Andrea Liberovici and Edoardo Sanguineti

This work, for me, is a small personal tribute to the invention of cinema, or rather, the film camera, that revolutionized, by induction, all the antique arts. Music, the primary subject of my study and work, was profoundly influenced by the invention of the camera and the techniques of montage that followed. Now you can compose music not only in “the old way,” but also, and especially, with editing, overlapping audio, crossfades… Work in regress is a four-handed reflection on the story of the work done on the moving image this past century. Any job from the worker to the gangster. Twenty fragments from Eizenstein’s films, and forward, each one minute, re-edited together and interrupted by Brechtian declamatory posters written and “interpreted” by Sanguineti himself. My direction and original score tend to, and aim to, construct a metaphysical structure in which the meaning emerges from the signifier, thereby challenging classical narration. The narration of this project is a narration based on, and structured by, music, and will be installed in a continuous cycle at Villa Bombrini, Genoa.
Without beginning and without end… an assembly line of montages.