a mosaic Opera
music, libretto, video, direction  Andrea Liberovici

Helga Davis
the Schallfeld Ensemble
Sara Caneva musical direction

narrator in the dark (recorded) Robert Wilson

Where: Teatro Cavallerizza Reggio Emilia, Festival Aperto
When: 19 October 2019 (opening)
Duration: 1h 30′
Production: a co-production by Teatro Nazionale di Genova and Fondazione I Teatri / Festival Aperto, Reggio Emilia with Schallfeld Ensemble, Graz

A mosaic opera

Trilogy in Two is a contemporary opera inspired by three emblematic figures and composed of two interlaced acts, as the title is alluding to. Andrea Liberovici’s dramaturgical work has always been focused on the fragment, but a fragment which is part of an overall design that, as in a mosaic, piece by piece, finally reveals its shape. Trilogy in two is a reflection on the theme of beauty as an identity (if not lost, largely in crisis) of Europe through three models of beauty.

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a mosaic Opera
music, libretto, video, direction  Andrea Liberovici

the Schallfeld Ensemble
Lorenzo Derinni / Jacob Hernandez, violin
Francesca Piccioni / Paolo Fumagalli, viola
Myriam Garcia, cello
Chiara Percivati, clarinet and bass clarinet
Margarethe Maierhofer Loschka, double bass
Manuel Arcaraz, percussions
Spela Mastnak, percussions

musical direction
Sara Caneva

narrator in the dark (recorded) Robert Wilson
ghost-writer Ennio Ranaboldo

light design Davide Riccardi
sound design Lorenzo Patellani
stage manager Fabrizio De Sanctis
assistant director Irene Novello

“A mosaic of beauty“
Erica Manna – La Repubblica

“The music is also changing…Wonderful Schallfeld Ensemble directed by Sara Caneva.“
Guido Festinese – il Manifesto

“Liberovici, who speaks about the present with a sincere and never banal depth.“
Alessandro Rigolli – Il Giornale della Musica

“Trilogy in Two, a true dramaturgy of sound, is a modern opera.“
Dolores Pesce –