The reasons for this new Macbeth are numerous. At this point in the journey I felt the need to apply the “technique,” which includes the use of new means of musical information technology, sound spatialisation and so on, in the service of a great story and perhaps one of the most, so to speak, musical, of the great Bard, not as a pure exercise of style, but because it seems to me that the vision of this interpretation of the text can provide a further contribution to the reading of a great classic.
Macbeth is “a walking shadow,” stuck in a world that “means nothing.” He is, paradoxically, the only character in our show that doesn’t speak through music, but rather fights against it. Macbeth will be pushed and led to tragedy by music, while remaining to the end a man firmly anchored to the slender thread of a spoken reason. His being, stuck in the music that is his destiny, will determine his humanity.

Andrea Liberovici – 2016