Macbeth Remix was born at the Spoleto festival in 1998 under the pen of Edoardo Sanguineti and directed by Andrea Liberovici. Freely inspired by the script composed between 1605 and 1608 by William Shakespeare (1564 – 1616) and by the opera of the same name set to music in 1847 by Giuseppe Verdi (1813 -1901) on a libretto by Francesco Maria Piave (1810 – 1876).

The Teatro Stabile of Genoa has put this text back on stage in a revised version compared to that of sixteen years ago. On stage there are, physically, only the Baron of Glamis (played by Paolo Bonacelli) and his wife (entrusted to the actor Elisabetta Pozzi) while some of the other characters appear on video (Eros Pagni – Banquo, Marco Sciaccaluga – Duncan, while the witches – fundamental for the development of the work – appear as Judith Malina, Dely De Majo, Sierha Bonnette, Daniele Madeddu). In essence, the show gathers a series of suggestions, not all easily decipherable, born in the mind of the poet – playwright and the musician who directed it. There are moments of great beauty, such as the descent of Lady Macbeth from the top of the stage and the ascent of a pair of red gloves to symbolize the blood that the nobleman’s wife, the black soul darkened from obsession with power, fails to wash away from her hands.